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Maryand Workforce Exchange

Maryland Workforce Exchange

If you are interested in finding a better job or career, the Workforce Exchange allows you to search for current job openings in your community, or statewide, create multiple resumes to apply online for jobs, research careers that are expected to be in high demand, and find occupational training that meets your needs. Bookmark this site as your free online career center.

Job Search Consultations
Engergize your job search with a one-on-one job search consultation designed provide you with that extra boost to find a job. Consultations include:


  • Resume reviews
    • Not getting an interview? Have your resume reviewed by a Job Service professional to discuss up to date resume ideas, and formatting tips to get your resume to the top of the pile.
  • Certified Professional Résumé Writers (CPRWs) are on staff at the Job Market. These workforce development professionals are certified by the Professional Association of Résumé Writers (PARW). CPRWs are the career industry's leading experts in the development of strategic resumes. The purpose of the resume is to secure a personal interview from among the dozens or hundreds of applicants for a given position. Since 1991, CPRWs have demonstrated their knowledge, talent and writing expertise in meeting the industry standard of excellence and in serving the client's career interests.
    • The CPRWs on staff at the Job Market are:
      • Alicia Dennis, CPRW
      • William Draucker, CPRW
      • Ronnette Purnell, CPRW
      • Crystal Reichenberg, CPRW
      • John Walker, CPRW
      • Susan Willey, CPRW
      • Richard Drake, CPRW
      • Greg Eberts, CPRW
    • Their contact information is below. Let's get started.
  • Job search techniques
    • If you are frustrated from navigating through endless job boards, social networking sites and piles of newspapers, we can help you mainstream your job search and learn to focus on finding the right job.
  • Interviewing tips
    • Learn how to get prepared for your upcoming interview and how to best answer questions about employment gaps, terminations and other sticking points that can be tricky, and what questions you need to ask the employer.
  • Effective paper job applications
    • We can review your application before you turn it in and make sure you have all of the blanks completed and you have best demonstrated your skills and abilities
  • Effective online job applications
    • We can assist you through the sometimes complicated process of completing online applications from setting up an email account to copy and pasting your resume into the application.
  • Job skills identification
    • Finding transferrable job skills while changing careers can be difficult, we can help you explore your past experience and learn how to translate those skills to another field.
  • Resources for job seekers
    • There are many resources for job seekers from getting funding to go back to school to veteran services to computer training, ask how the One Stop can help you in finding your new career.
  • Ask us to design a custom consultation to meet your needs
    • Meet one on one with a Job Service Specialist to further discuss problems you are encountering during your job search and how to overcome them with confidence.

To begin, enroll in the Maryland Workforce Exchange and create a resume. Click here to begin this process.

Request a one one-on-one consultation today by:

  • Inquiring at the Maryland Workforce help desk at the One-Stop Job Market
  • Calling 410-341-8533 Ext. 0.
  • Emailing your request to
  • Or by emailing or calling any of the these staff:

YoVanda Brown


Alicia Dennis,
Certified Professional Résumé Writer


Richard Drake, Certified Professional Résumé Writer


Bill Draucker
Certified Professional Résumé Writer


Wanda Mumford


Crystal Reichenberg, Certified Professional Résumé Writer 410-546-6811 crystal.reichenburg@maryland.gov
Francisco Vega 410-546-6816

Susan Willey,
Certified Professional Résumé Writer


Be sure to bring a copy of the cover letter, resume and any other materials you having been using in your job search

  • Allow time to spend at least one hour for the consultation

Let us be your # 1 stop for your employment needs. Download a Job Search Consultation Flyer.

Job Search Tips

Career Clips
This is a link to Internet based video clips that display basic functions for a variety of occupations. Along with assessment, these real world glimpses of careers in action help an individual determine if the training or employment that they have been considering is a truly good fit for them.

O*Net Interest Profiler
This instrument is a self-assessment career exploration tool that can help individuals discover the type of work activities and occupations that they would like and find exciting. Individuals identify and learn about broad interest areas most relevant to them. They can use their interest results to explore the world of work and search local openings.

Mobile One-Stop (MOS)
Our newest and most technologically advanced facility is now available so that we can bring our services to you. Many of the services available at the Job Market are also offered on the MOS. Please click here to find out where the MOS is waiting to serve you today. Some of the services available are:

  • Job Search
  • Resume Assistance
  • Career Information
  • Job Skill Training
  • And More.

Job Skills Training
Career scholarships are available for jobs in demand in the local labor market.

Veterans Employment & Training
Information for job seekers who are veterans.

Disability Services
The One-Stop Job Market is accessible under ADA guidelines to people with disabilities. Our Maryland Workforce Exchange and Career Resource Lab are equipped with various assistive technologies to accommodate job seekers with disabilities who want to prepare for the workforce. Some accommodations, such as sign language interpeting, are by appointment only. In addition, our partner, The Divison of Rehabilitation Services which supports employment and economic independence of people with disabilities in located in the Job Market.

Dislocated Worker Service Guide

An individual who loses their job as a result of permanent layoff or plant closing is considered to be a "dislocated worker". The Job Market offers a wide variety of services to dislocated workers, and an extensive network of service providers to assist you.

Unemployment Insurance
Information regarding unemployment insurance and how to apply for benefits.

Apprenticeship and Training
Apprenticeship is a voluntary, industry-driven program which is sponsored by employers, employer associations, and jointly by management and labor. An apprentice, as an employee, receives supervised, structured, on-the-job training combined with related technical instruction in a specific occupation. Click here for more information.













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If you are looking for a better job or career, the Maryland Workforce Exchange allows you to search for current job openings in your community, or statewide, create multiple resumes to apply online for jobs, research careers that are expected to be in high demand, & find occupational training to meet your needs.

MWE offers a menu of services to help employers grow. You can post and update your own job orders , search for qualified applicants through our online talent bank, and access important economic development information.

Mobile One-Stop Job Market

Mobile One-Stop

Our newest and most technologically advanced facility is now available so that we can bring our services to you. Click here for mobile schedule.

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